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Transmission Maintenance by Mr. Transmission® Milex® Fayetteville

Lifted Vehicle for Repair

Your vehicle’s transmission is a powerful, complex, and important piece of machinery. It’s also one of the most expensive components in your car to rebuild or replace. But by taking proper care of your transmission, you can help avoid the kind of wear, tear, and damage that leads to costly transmission repairs. At Mr. Transmission Milex Fayetteville, our transmission experts offer routine transmission maintenance and FREE transmission check-ups to Fayetteville area drivers. With our team on your side, you can keep your transmission running smoothly mile after mile after mile…

Why Transmission Maintenance Is Important

There are a number of ways that your transmission can develop wear, tear, or damage. The most common reason for major damage to transmissions is overheating, which can be caused by dirty or old transmission fluid, faulty cooling systems, overwork, or a combination of factors. Other times, small pieces of unchecked damage or wear lead to strain on other areas, causing serious problems.

Avoiding major problems happens by spotting small issues early on. This means regular maintenance checks and routine fluid changes for your transmission. Monthly transmission fluid checks and frequent maintenance check-ups will help ensure this happens. Transmission experts also recommend that you change your transmission’s fluid at least once every 30,000 miles.

A transition maintenance check by the team at Mr. Transmission Milex Fayetteville can help identify the reasons behind a number of common transmission problems, including:

  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Grinding or chattering gears
  • Slipping transmission
  • Late-shifting or hard-shifting gears
  • Acceleration issues

Diagnosing the problems behind these issues early on often means a small, inexpensive fix will correct the issue, saving you hundreds of dollars in repair costs. If undiagnosed, problems can result in a full-scale transmission rebuild or replacement.

FREE Transmission Maintenance Checks for Fayetteville

Caring for your transmission is easy and affordable if you live in the Fayetteville area. Mr. Transmission Milex Fayetteville offers FREE transmission maintenance checks giving you an easy, no-cost way to have your transmission inspected for wear, tear, and damage.

Transmission maintenance checks at Mr. Transmission Milex Fayetteville include a fluid check and a full inspection of your transmission. If we find an issue in our inspection, we will inspect each of your transmission’s parts individually, allowing us to pinpoint the problem. If work or repairs are needed, we will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

Book your vehicle’s FREE transmission maintenance check today. Call Mr. Transmission Fayetteville to make your appointment.

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